Welcome to B and T Reptile Rescue & Haven

 We are registered with the province of Ontario & Ministry of Consumer & Business Services

 Registration Number: 210439360

We take in unwanted lizards and give them a safe, clean home, we keep most of them with us for the rest of there lives for our family and friends to enjoy.

 We created this rescue to help out our reptile friends. Now we are thinking about adding the educational part of it .To teach

 people adults and children alike on how to care for a Lizard properly. Alot of people these days go to a pet store and get a reptile. Only to find out

 they are not prepared to give them the time and care they need. Some people are willing to care for these animals until a proper home is found. Others

 from which we have seen don't care for them properly or even go to the extreme as to release them into nature. Most reptiles bought at a pet store 

cannot survive on there own in the wild . So we decided that we would be here to give these reptiles a chance at life. No matter what the

 reason maybe that they need to be gotten rid of we willingly accept them. We DO NOT sell our reptiles. After we make sure the reptile is healthy ON 

OCCASION we will have a few up for adoption. We take in any lizards.

we provide a clean safe forever home for unwanted lizards.

If you have a lizard that needs to be rehomed give us a call or email us. 

We would like all lizards to come with there enclosure as it is less stressful on the reptile. But we will take them even if they don't have there enclosures. 

At this time we run off of donations and personal funds. We hope that in the future we can expand and take in even more reptiles. We currently run 

our rescue out of our house .  With hopes in the future to have a building dedicated to our rescue and education.

Please feel free to check out our pages with all our rescues. 

 Why Donate?

We operate through donations. We are not trying to make money, only make a difference for our reptile friends. Any donations are used for the care of our reptiles so we may better their lives and be able to teach people their importance! 

 Reason We Started

Many people are afraid of reptiles! We wanted to teach people that reptiles have a purpose and with the proper knowledge they can be a great addition to your family. And to give the reptiles a 2 nd chance at life. 


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